Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Everything you ever wanted to know about Declan Ganley, the leader of the Irish No-campaign, but were afraid to ask...

Declan Ganley
Declan Ganley on Wikipedia

Ganley's links with the US military
Indy Media: "Libertas: US Military Contractors Against Lisbon!"
Colorado Springs Gazette: "Big plans for growth"
Irish Times: "Ganley's US contracts could be worth €240m"
Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn and Ganley

LIBERTAS Campaign Funding
Irish Times: "Substantial amount of funding for Libertas came from Ganley"
Irish Times: "FF spent less on Lisbon Treaty ads than FG or Labour"
Irish Labour Party: "Time for Ganley to come clean"

LIBERTAS registered as European Political Party
Irish Times: "Ganley registers Libertas as a European political party"
Irish Times: "Libertas uses same wording as EU laws governing political funding"
Irish Times: "Czech Libertas recruit has conviction for evading duty"
Irish Times: "Libertas faces UK electoral hurdle over party name"

Ganley's Rivada Networks company
Rivada Network's company website
Irish Times: "Accounts detail Ganley's stake in US firm"
Irish Times: "Irish subsidiary of Ganley firm accumulated losses of €¼m"

Some Rivada Pacific contracts with the Pentagon (mainly non-competitive)
Federal Contracts to Contractor(s) "Rivada Pacific"

Ganley's associates: Ulick Mc Evaddy and his non-competitively procured contracts with the Pentagon
US Air Force Integrator: "Irish Investor Hopes To Make Big Mark On US Tanker Market"
Defense Security Cooperation Agency: "Security Cooperation News -- 19 March 2007"
Deperatment of Defense: "Defense Logistics Agency Contracts"
Omega Aviation Services company website
British Times Rich List: "Ulick and Desmond McEvaddy"

Declan Ganley and contracting in Iraq
British Times: "Ganley's bid for Baghdad action"

Declan Ganley, Liam Lawlor and the Mahon Tribunal
Irish Times: "Mahon tribunal ends 11 years of hearings"
Irish Times: ""

Declan Ganley in Albania:
Anglo-Adriatic Investment Fund, Declan Ganley and Kosta Trebicka
Kosta Trebicka, AEY and a very strange contract from the Pentagon

New York Times: "Supplier Under Scrutiny on Arms for Afghans"
International Herald Tribune: "U.S. envoy to Albania linked to cover-up of Afghan arms deal"
New Zealand Herald: "'Super nice guy' US arms dealer"

Mount Street Mystery: just a coincidence?
Anglo-Adriatic Investment Fund, Declan Ganley
Company Profile - Anglo-Adriatic Investment Fund

Paladin Capital Management LLC, James Woolsey
Company Profile - Paladin_Capital_Management_LLC
Paladin Capital Group company website
James Woolsey on Wikipedia

CPS, Stella Rimington
CPS address on their company website
Non-Executive director Stella Rimington
Stella Rimington on Wikipedia

Fields Aircraft Spares Inc, Sir Jeremy Hanley
Fields Aircraft Spares' company address
List of Fields Aircraft Spares company directors
Jeremt Henley on Wikipedia

Declan Ganley's nationality
Irish Times: "Nationality of Libertas founder was listed as British in UK records"

Declan Ganley and Liam Lawlor
Liam Lawlor on Wikipedia

Declan Ganley: a pro-European?
Richard Corbett MEP (British): "Declan Ganley and the Irish No"

Declan Ganley Interview
Ganley interviewed on RTE

Non-English language news articles
Video clip: Tagesthemen, 15. Oktober 2008 (GERMAN)
USA sollen EU-Vertrag sabotiert haben (GERMAN)
EU-Referendum im Zwielicht (GERMAN)
Die Verschwörung der Anti-Europäer (GERMAN)
Europaweite Kampagne gegen
den Lissabon-Vertrag? (GERMAN)

Die fabelhafte Karriere des Mr. No (GERMAN)
CIA-Geld für Anti-EU-Partei (GERMAN)
Hat die CIA den EU-Vertrag sabotiert? (GERMAN)
CIA: Gelder für EU-Gegner? (GERMAN)
Železný - hrobař Libertas (CZECH)
I risparmi degli albanesi “giocati” in borsa (ITALIAN)